Users of AMH A399U or Crossover 404K , what do you have to say?

I wander, after a few months on the market and a few new users. what were the comments on the monitors.
en francais aussi !

come on were are the comments..................???????????, nobody likes or dislikes...impossible.

There's a HUGE topic about the A399U monitor. Here.

Hi ! I know, I wanted a thread with more, after use comments, and not : it s on it s way, or just ordered and so forth.
That is why, thanks for the link.
I hope this thread will get the comments I would like and could be useful to future buyers.

by the way we have, at present 5 cats, our family has reached 11 in the past, such beautiful and faithful friends...............
Maybe your help could be useful in that respect.(not with the cats but with the