Users can't extract and transfer a file on Mac

I’m involved in a particular Super Smash Bros modding community called Project+. Project+ just released an update to the content and code of the mod, before the update, the mod could be installed from a Mac, but now it can’t.

The basic installation process is as follows:

  1. Download and extract the contents of a zip file
  2. Transfer the contents onto an SD card (the SD card has to be FAT32/MBR)
  3. Put the SD in the Wii and launch the mod

Before the update, the mod could be installed from many different machines, but now it fails to launch if installed from a Mac, and we don’t know why yet. I don’t have a Mac so I can’t really test anything.

I can link the mod files (and more detailed install guides) if anyone wants to inspect them (and it doesn’t break any rules here).

Edit: it appears the ghost files were causing the problem, and running dot_clean -mn /Volumes/SDCARD seems to fix it. Still don’t really know what changed during the update though

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I’ve been modding Skyrim on MacOS for quite a while (don’t ask unless you want a long winded story) and have noticed a lot of weirdness when decompressing zip (or any non-native) files on MacOS. I’ve had some slight success dealing with this by not using Finder’s built in decompression and using 3rd party “unzipper” instead. Your mileage will definitely vary :slight_smile:

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