Used motherboard recommendation for IOMMU GPU passthrough on LGA1155?

A good friend of mine just picked up a Xeon E3-1280 V2 and an RX550 to go along with his 1070 so he could do some Windows VM inside his Linux box. His mobo has all the IO devices in one group, so he’s looking to maybe snag a used board so he can pass through one of the GPUs. Recommendations for boards of this era that group things nicely to make his life easier?

Z77 chipset Mobos usually mean ASUS or Gigabyte ones, but since he’s about to run a Xeon, ASrock is pretty much the only choice cause ASrock actually tests Xeons on consumer chipsets and makes an effort to make them work on consumer chipsets. The Extreme 4 and above/Fatal1ty ones are good. I wouldn’t recommend Z68 or lower from the same socket cause they would require BIOS updates.