Used hardware in India

Buying used hardware in India

It pains me every time I see a post on r/homelab or r/datahoarders of people giving away enterprise grade hardware for free. The prices in India for PC hardware have been ridiculous for a long time, they are even worse for enterprise hardware. Most of the stuff you see online has a call for price dialog which is just fancy speak for you can’t afford it. I’ve started this thread because I wanted a living document of places where we can get cheap enterprise/normal grade hardware used and for cheap. Please comment your goto places for buying used hardware and help us save some money by buying used (it’s the greener option anyway)
Some places where I have spent a lot of money are listed below.

  1. Facebook groups likes Zoukart which have a lot of users who sell of hardware like GPU, PSU’s, Processors etc. They have a healthy mix of dealers as well who will supply new items at reasonable rates. The whole process works on escrow and buying something usually looks like
    1. See a post by the seller
    2. Contact him and bargain, low-balling is not a good idea but you can negotiate
    3. Create a group with the admins listed on the group description.
    4. You agree and transfer the amount to admin who holds in it escrow
    5. The seller makes a video of the packed product (you can also ask for benchmark proofs etc.)
    6. He ships the product and puts the proof/tracking number on the common group
    7. Once you receive you make an unboxing video
    8. Test it for a day and give the go ahead on the common group, the admin then releases the amount to seller.
  2. Facebook marketplace: Talked to some people to purchase a GPU but overall a good experience. Wouldn’t do it unless I’m closing the deal in person.
  3. OLX: Didn’t have the courage to deal, read about plenty of scams but have heard good experiences too.
  4. Ebay:
    1. Purchased a brand new hotend for my 3d printer and it was a pleasant experience. Going for good and trustworthy dealer seems to be the key. Might try out buying some used hardware in future.
    2. Bought used 10g cards but had it shipped to a friend in the US, he bought them here for me. Again a pleasant experience.
  5. Used hardware stores around Bangalore & Hyderabad
    1. Many dealers on Olx have physical stores and seem trustworthy by their google reviews. Will need to check them out in person
    2. Most of them sell refurbished corporated laptops which are IMO great deals. Haven’t tried them but might do it soon.