Used GTX 750 ti for $45

so i made a deal on ebay for a used gtx 750 ti for $45.

should i buy it, i have saved up $250. should i just not risk it and wait for the 300 series to come out?

That is stupid cheap! Idk about you but that would be an impulse buy for me just for the sake of having another card lying around in case I need it.

But in your situation I would keep saving for 300 series

Well it's really cheap, but you can already get something stronger then it with the money you have. Just keep saving up for those 300 series you'll appreciate it.

Grab it and then resell it for more. Put the profit towards your R9 3XX purchase.

the thing is that it might not work.
for that price I wouldn't be surprised if it came with some kind of problem like a broken fan, heat issues or something.
I would continue to save money until I could buy a good high-end card with an aftermarket cooler.
Many times I've made the mistake of buying something I didn't really need or wouldn't be satisfied with just because it was very cheap.

that is a good as hell idea!

it is guaranteed it works. plus im going to be checking if it works on on pick-up

If that's the case and you think you can easily resell it (I couldn't, especially in my city), then there's no doubt you should do it.