Use dev tools tp turn off html preservesPitch effect for smooth, slower music

Youtube is the world’s grestwst pirated music library to date. Sure, mixed with other sources maybe it balances out, but I’ve heard musicians and bands reporting the streaming payout is extremely low.

Maybe just buy music from artists you really enjoy.

But if you don’t have a local copy, and the artist provides ways to listen to their music for free, using youtube as a neans to control playback speed is very unique musical experience.

Open dev tools on a video website

Use mouse selection to select the video element. Right click the highlighted block in the code, and choose “open in console”

The console is a small hieght for firefox, it may be easier to see if you make it larger

Type in

.preservesPitch = false

then change the playback speed. If audio remains smooth, you’ve accessed a hidden option. Now enjoy some music at 25% lower speed.

There are addons that allow custom speed, and youtube also allows custom speeds I think, but limiylted to .10

So have fun, ans share with others.

VLC can also do this thia you turn off timestretch setting, all builda have it available as a toggle somewhere in the settings.

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hi, thanks for the tip it’s very interesting.

snaptube vidmate

I figured it out for streaming audio.

Press F12 on a page that has a song loaded. Scroll to the bottom, which might list the most recent loaded audio.

Right click it “show in console”.

Wait for temp1 text to show up.

In firefox, the text should be showing up in green to let you know it is going to affect something.

.preservesPitch = false

After pressing enter, repeat the two steps to get back into the console, should say


.playbackRate = .84

An addon global speed does a good job, but no idea how to set the hotkeys.

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All good, it’s just a unique way to enjoy some tunes, nothing more, nothing less, just trying to get it out there. I have slightly too much free-time, and maybe I’ll have less, and be more productive in other areas, but for the time being, may as well share this way to re-experience music. I don’t take offense to posts, unless it’s really rude, or insulting, but even so, I’m not putting much weight to some random person’s opinion, so don’t worry about that.

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