Use a 2. GPU

Hi there


I have got the Asus GTX 970 and now I want to run 2 more Screens over DVI so I got me a GTX 285 to use beside my 970. My motherboard dose not have DVI so I have to use the 2. GPU

Now if I install the 285 Windows won't boot properly. I always get a recovery start. I know my motherboard (Asus formula V)  supports dual GPU and I have the same problem using a R9 280x I still have. But I want  to go full Nvidia so I'll use that in my other system.

Is there a setting I have to change in my Bios or ist there something wrong with MB port or the GPU?


Greetings JS

I assume you might be able to go under graphics configuration in your BIOS and set which PCI-E card you want as the primary. Other than that I really would not know.

Thanks I'll try that right away

Did not work. Nice try

A few things to do in order to help resolve the issue:

Does it start up fine with only the 285 installed?

Does the computer make it past POST, or is it just Windows having issues?

Does your currently installed driver support the 285 along with the GTX970?

If it only has issues when windows trys to boot, will it boot with the video drivers un-installed?

Will it boot fine with only the 285 installed?

To me, it sounds like a driver issue.

Well it boots with only the 285 just ok.

If I boot the pc with both GPU it boots to the ROG logo and I can boot in Bios ok but afther the ROG logo there is a Windows 8 logo on for about 30s and the dots are spinning then there is a reboot and again the ROG logo and Windows. after about 3x there is the Windows recovery thing.

First I just put in the 285 beside the 970 and windows booted using the 285 and one screen from the 970. I looked in the used hardware for the screen and it said that it is Microsoft visual or something similar.

I took it out again and booted the 970 worked fine and then wile running windows I put the 285 in and downloaded the Drivers. Well after rebooting the 285 worked but the drivers for the 970 were no longer installed, so I installed the them and then the 285 got  de-actuated again.

OK ok ok ok. Your doing it all wrong. What you need to do is first install the 970's drivers, shut down the system and install the 285, start up the system and it should auto detect it. I did this once with a 460 and a 760.

Ok I'll try this when I get home. should I de install the drivers first and set them up all new?