USB's Cutting out?

hello I've been having this issue with my gaming pc.

my issue is that my mouse and keyboard cut out randomly. if I disconnect then reconnect nothing happens unfornately they just don't work.

they don't cut out on my labtop I tested them on it for a week or so not once cut out. so I'm sure it's something to do with my main computer. I've tested diffrent mouse's / keyboards and they all cut out.

I could play 4 hours and then they cut out or as soon as I start my PC up.

No have access to my computer apart from me. 

It's stange that my internet adapter nor my ipod charger cut out just the mouse and keyboard.

Anything I'm willing to try It's driving me crazy and stopping me enjoying my computer.

Mouse - Logitech m500

keyboard - Cherry G80 mx blue switches

 some suggestions of what could be going on would be amazing thanks!

Try geting the newest usb driver from your motherboard manufacturers site.