USB4VC - Usb for Vintage Consoles, Bluetooth game pads on vintage PCs!

So this is pretty amazing, someone by the name dekuNukem had made a HAT for the RasPi that allows you connect modern Bluetooth controllers, keyboards and mice, PS2 boards and mice and 15 pin game port devices, translate the inputs on the fly and pass them on the whatever vintage PC you like and it is driver free on the Vinstage PC side, you plug in and it say hey that a game port… and your done

You can make keyboard to controller, controller to keyboard, anything you like it looks like, use touch pads on old mouse input systems.

IBM PC Compatible

  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Mouse
  • AT Keyboard
  • XT Keyboard
  • Serial Mouse
  • 15-pin Gameport Gamepad
  • Mapping USB Gamepad to PC Mouse/Keyboard

From the very first IBM PC in 1981 until the end of PS/2 ports in early 2000s, this Protocol Card covers it all!

Apple Desktop Bus (ADB)

  • ADB Keyboard
  • ADB Mouse
  • Mapping USB Gamepad to ADB Mouse/Keyboard

From Apple IIGS in 1986 to PowerMac G3 in 1999, and everything in-between!

Here the video from LGR does a much more comprehensive job explaining.

Not my project nor am I affiliated or advertising for any personal reason, this is just very cool

Github page:

Kickstarter for getting the hardware out the door, all worked out and working hardware, no vapourware: