Usb switch recommandation

Hi guys! I may have pinned down my problem with my USB in my VM. everything works as i boot the vm, i can go back and forth from the guest to the host with my switch (keyboard, mouse and headset) but after maybe 3-4 minutes it wont get back to the host. I can switch my video without any problems but the USB wont come back. The usb works on the motherboard because i got another wireless keyboard/trackpad combo plugged in and when i turn it on it works. So maybe its my switch who doesnt do the job? i got a cheap one off amazon

Soooo… got any recommendation for a switch you know works? I would ideally need 4 ports to 2 inputs…

EDIT : i tested with my hdmi switch, it has 2 usb ports on it too, works like a charm, no more issues with keyboard and mouse. but now i need more ports for my headset and a free one for ext drive or whatever… … So i definitely need a new switch.

Can’t you just plug a usb hub into one of the ports on the KVM and get more that way? That works for me

I’ll try that! Thx