USB Switch Recomendations

Hi All, looking for some recommendations for a USB switch that doesn’t suck. My criteria

  • Ideally USB 3.0, doesn’t have to be C
  • 4 sources - i’ve got 3 computers to switch between
  • Either has a remote button so that the switch can live out of sight, or is entirely on the back of it

I was thinking that I would need a L1T DP KVM, but my new monitor actually has enough inputs in the right configuration. However my current IOGear KVM switch is only 2 sources, it also really really struggles with USB registration on the new computer. The hub that I have plugged into the KVM will sometimes not connect over half of the devices plugged in which is a real hassle. Not sure if its an issue with IOGear in general or just the type of KVM.

I don’t need any video signal switching, just USB for all my peripherals.

I only have a two port switch but honestly I don’t think there is a huge difference between any of them(Besides 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 etc). Which market are you in (UK / Euro / Canada / US etc)?

I’m In Canada, honestly my main issue/concern is that my current IOGear one really really struggles switching and connecting devices, not sure if this is a specific issue that I can’t overcome, but its really annoying to have to unplug and plug back in a device to force a re-connect.

I think that is an issue just generally with USB, what devices are you trying to switch ? I know a few people have had issues with devices even with the L1T kvm based upon if hid or usb3 port was used.

Keyboard, mouse, audio DAC, webcam, USB dvd drive.

Not trying to switch hard drives, just functional devices.

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Whats the best/safest thing to look for interms of smooth switching and device reconnecting. Maybe @wendell has a mo can also chime in on it since he is definitely a matter expert?

Could get one of the older scratch and dent KVMs lol

Nothing out there has the care of USB switching but even the KVm really only has the 2 usb3 ports which are a hard switch. Simulates plug and unplug. The hid ports don’t do that to speed switching.

It isn’t a guarantee to always work. Focusrite i2i doenst work at all even in the best scenarios. even without a KVm it can’t be trusted to work well.

Avc and uvc standard audio and video devices work. Hid devices work. Storage devices work. Outside that you get into a gray area and it’s more on the driver author than the KVm

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Hmm, based on what you are saying here and some other USB threads, I’m wondering if my issue is ultimately that I’m not using an HID port for the keyboard and mouse. Right now I have it all switching from a USB Hub, rather than specific input port. Would that be the case/cause @wendell - and ultimately something to watch out for?

In which case I may need to re-evaluate the use of the switch and instead go back to my original idea of a proper KVM with HID and perisperhal ports

I guess the other question is whether or not stuff like DDM is worth it to ensure easier switches, or whether or not I’m just over complicating things. The main issues I find is mainly when I’m switching between systems when they are booting up. I don’t leave all the machines on all the time.