USB hub quirk on Linux - any ideas?

I don’t have a linux distro currently installed on my machine, but every now and then i boot a live distro do format drives, usually Debian Gnome or Ubuntu Gnome.
Well, for the past few months i’ve been experiencing a quirk, ever since i changed the cable on my USB hub, if i try to boot into any linux distro it gives me a message akin to “couldn’t disconnect USB device on port ‘X’, maybe the cable is bad?” and keeps looping this same message until i remove the cable or power off the hub. Also after i boot into linux with the hub turned on and try to change any sort of property on any drive connected on the computer (be it on internal SATA, drive case or hot swap bay), even if the bay or the drive itself isn’t connected to the hub, it fails to do so, but as soon as i remove the hub it goes back to normal.
Any ideia as to why this is happening? It works really fine on Windows, never had any issues with it, but it does these small things on linux.
The hub itself is an Orico A3H7 powered hub with a longer than stock cable (3m instead of 1m), i have my keyboard, mouse, DAC, Duodock, Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver, USB mike and wireless trackball connected to it and they all work in harmony on Windows, but it has this quirk on linux.
Not too worried about it because i don’t use it too often, but i’m curious if you guys had any similar problems.

If you are using USB 3.0, even with the powered hub, you are at the theoretical limit for the length of the cable (9ft 10in). I’m guessing you replaced the original cable with a longer one. If this is the case, Windows might be allowing the full 900mA to the power of the USB 3.0 port, where Linux might only be allowing 850mA or similar. This means that there could be improvements in the driver, but the solution as a user is to use a cable under 9ft (depending on the power to the port on how much shorter).

If you’re using USB 2.0, the effect would be similar, but with a theoretical maximum of 16ft 5in.

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Yeah, its USB 3.0.
The original cable broke, i’ll buy another one and check out how it behaves then.

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