Usb extender dongle to protect motherboard

Hey everyone,
I have a computerized sewing machine and a lot of people recommend getting a “usb dongle extender” because plugging the USB in and out a lot messes up the motherboard.
Of course, amazon search results are overwhelming…does quality even matter?
If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Most people use a USB hub to reduce the amount of port-wear on a normal computer so the same overly protective opinion/recommendation of an extension cable is common for other electronic devices(audio interfaces with direct to USB recording functions, sewing machines, CNC machines, etc).

Quality of extension cables are subjective as it could be just to extend a cable or a daily-use/remove USB storage desk setup, from personal experience AmazonBasics has been good may it be USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. I wouldn’t recommend slim/flat extension cables as they often lack stress relief and shielding.


USB extender cable should be literally just wires carrying digital signal, so signal quality degradation shouldn’t matter.

It should be ok to get a cheap one but probably not the cheapest one.

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Sounds like a good idea if you plug/unplug it regularly. As for quality, should be fairly telling from the pictures and the reviews may help too. USB is so common now that they have all more or less come up to a similar quality so you should be okay.

As above, a USB hub would probably be easier to get than an extension, and would possibly be more useful too? Never hurts to have a few desk accessible USB ports.

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