Usb device passthrou

I'm trying to find way to "blacklist" my usb sound card that am actually using in my guest os. It annoys me whenever i shutdown guest os, it makes a lot of issues with my host os that sometimes uses internal sound card, sometimes that external usb sound card. (also i would like to know how to passthrough whole usb controler/bus). Thanks for any info comming to this topic.

What hypervisor are you using? what host OS? we need more info to effectively assist you.

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Host OS: Arch
Guest OS: Win10
qemu with virt-manager
soundcard= usb c-media CM108 ... (Bus 005 Dev 002: ID 0d8c:013c
I have 6 usb bus-es and it actually doesn't matter even if I would have to passthrou whole bus, or just to blacklist driver in host os for this card, cuz it annoys me after shut down of guest os it interferes with my onboard audio.

Did you ever find a fix?

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Actually nope

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I have properly the same setup and I use udev to prevent pulse accessing the device in question:

I have the solution from this site:

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Someone else suggested to try this,

Iā€™m testing to see if it works for me if not then Iā€™m going to try the above suggestion

Update. Neither solutions worked for me

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Interesting. I see this thread has been quiet a moment ā€“ what USB sound card do you have that is, at times, being picked up by the host OS (Arch)?