USB Dead Drops

So I've been apart of the geocaching community for 6 years now and its fun to search for hidden items in new but I havent played in a while so now i've heard about USB dead drops which as USB drives that are built into stuff like walls or tree's etc for public use and I wanted to know if anyone has went out looking for them before I've looked at a map and currently there are only 4 in my entire country so I'm not sure if its really that popular.

I thinks its a good way of sharing files offline and getting some exercise as well


Nice way to get some nasty malware, too!


that's what cheap netbooks running Linux are for

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hopefully aint

or some other :p
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yeah that would suck

well most of the drives were there before 2011 and are stuck in the material so should be relativity safe from USB killers but ill use a shield just in case

I call it no f. way :)

should be okay then but definitely could be malware or whatev but who knows

yeah need to look out for that but then again its mostly used by artists are there arent allot of high tech people around were I live still Linux and VM's are your friend

It is a unsafe and dangerous practice that really should not be promoted. There are far better and safer ways of sharing info. than that method.

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its not really that bad if you have the right protections you can still do allot of damage using any data connection even infrared

ya, and you are kidding yourself. Still can't get rid of the botnets ?

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Well, dead drops they are - i would not go to a publicly recorded, wall mounted USB, the same as I never would just plug in a USB key I found in the parking lot.

Though, the burner laptop and kali are happy to see whats on those goodies. A friend of mine, once gave me a 32GB usb he found in the underground parking lot of the United Nations complex in Vienna, lovely unknown trojan on it.

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That poor pentium 2!!!

Wait it says toshiba on it, never mind

seriously looks like a dick hole from which your computer gets screwed...
... even a chance for it to catch a few std's.

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