Usb bootloader?

so i have a linux installation on my harddrive, but windows bootloader is giving some error, can i get something like grub on a flash drive that will scan the hard drive and let me boot into the linux install

and before you say i should be using grub in the first place, i do plan to replace windows boot manager in the near future as it's been giving me issues fo awhile now, but i need linux to do that

also if it's not possible it's a fresh install so it doesn't really matter if it needs to be reinstalled (with grub)

Did you install Windows after Linux?

yeah^^ first installing Windows then linux is the easiest way for dual booting with Windows and linux. GRUB will do the rest, which is included with linux distros.

I'd recommend installing grub to the same partition that Linux is on. Then point Windows to that partition using EasyBCD. Watch this: He doesn't do it in the video but you will want to first hit "Write MBR" inside "BCD Deployment" to delete grub and re-install the Windows boot loader. Then delete the linux partitions and then install as normal!

the awnser i was looking for was "something like iboot", but still getting errors so i'll just reinstall