USB 3.0 ports not working

So I used Driver Fusion's new health check feature(which was brand new and I know, I know.....I should of waited until some other people used it and seen what they were saying but I was so excited about a software that makes general computer software driver maintenance easier that I just said fuck it and did it, lesson learned, if it seems too easy and good to be true it probably is) but anywho after the myriad updates downloaded and installed two things happened, one of which I don't care too much about as I never use it, and one which is quite serious.  One(the insignificant one) my ASUS bluetooth dongle has been rendered completely useless, which is rather sad as it was pretty much brand new.  I think the reason for that one is that driver fusion somehow replaced my ASUS bluetooth drivers with DELL bluetooth drivers as that's what I'm seeing, and when I delete and uninstall the bluetooth dongle and unplug the dongle and plug it back in, when it automatically installs the drivers it always installs Dell's drivers now instead of ASUS's so now it's just kind of useless in general.  I'm guessing that's due to incorrect digital signatures on the drivers used by Driver Fusion, and I would say the easiest thing to be would be to simply roll back, but something went wrong during the back up before the health check and NONE of the drivers on my pc backed up at all.  Driver Fusion's tech help can't seem to rap their minds around the idea that this could of happened and just keep saying to use the back up, but there are no backed up files at all, sooo.....yeah I dunno on that one.  Not a big deal anyway like I said, I barely ever used it, it was just a minor convenience.  Number two(the quite serious one) all my usb 3.0 ports have been rendered useless.  I've no idea what could of caused this or how to fix it without the backups of the old drivers, but the usb 2.0 slots are working fine but absolutely no 3.0 ports are working at all for anything.  So my question is essentially, how do I fix the usb 3.0 problem and bonus internet points go the fine upstanding citizen who can save me from wasting another fifteen bucks on a new bluetooth dongle as well.  Thanks ahead of time for anyone's help and I'm sorry if that was a bit long but I like to be specific.  I should mention that I know Windows 7 doesn't natively support usb3.0 so some type of special driver is required for usb3.0 to work properly, but that doesn't much help me as I can't find a way to roll back the driver that driver fusion altered and I can't seem to find a simple one stop driver solution for usb3.0 either.  I'm running Windows 7 Premium 64 bit on an ASROCK X79 Extreme 9 motherboard.  I don't think the other hardware really matters much for this problem but if it does let me know and I'll divulge gladly.  Thanks again.

You can either:

  • Reinstall completely the OS and install all your drivers again


  • Find out all the drivers which is not supposed to be there and uninstall them. Then go to your ASROCK support and drivers for your motherboard, download all the drivers and install.

All driver management programs are just bad. Just say no.

What shadre18d said really. Go to the manufacturers website, download and install the drivers listed for your OS. Done. The only time you might want a newer or beta driver is for video, and maybe WiFi if it's unstable but really, if it's not broken don't try to fix it in this case.

Download and install the usb 3.0 driver "TI USB 3.0 driver ver:1.12.9". Unzip and run the setup program. One of those cryptically named drivers is for bluetooth prolly.

When you uninstall a driver, windows will just keep going back to the same one when asked to re-install the hardware. So if you want to select one driver over another, do it manually. To really fix bluetooth, go to device manager (right-click computer -> manage -> device manager) and then

right-click bluetooth -> Update Driver Software -> Browse my computer -> Let me pick -> and whichever driver you want to use for bluetooth.

There should be more than one on that list so just keep changing it until bluetooth works. Doesn't matter, just has to work. If there's only one then that crazy driver program really did screw you over by actually deleting your old driver and yeah. Back to manufacter's website to figure out which, if any, of those cryptic descriptions links to the bluetooth driver...

I realize I'm quite late on this guys but seriously thank you very much for the replies.  Worked beautifully as always.  Tek Syndicate community always gets it done right.  Thanks again for the help and sorry for taking so long to get back but you know how life gets sometimes.  You guys are both awesome.