USB 3.0 / 3.1 No Longer Working

Win10 20H2 Enterprise, fully patched.
ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme MoBo with TR1950x CPU.

The USB 3.0/3.1 on my system no longer works. Been trying to fault find my system when my new VR headset kept saying the connection was USB 2.0 where it should be USB3.1.

Found several devices in Device Manager were “unknown devices.” Did the usual, tried to install latest drivers (Windows Update shows none), uninstalled and rebooted, no change. Checked BIOS and all USB functions are turned on. Grabbed the latest MoBo firmware updates from ASUS. In USB Device Tree Viewer (great little freeware program BTW) I can see that the problem code of 28 is prevalent. Drivers failed to install. I grabbed the latest from MS Catalog and see the version I have is the same as the one I downloaded. Installed then anyway, no change.

If I plug the VR headset into the 3.1 USB port it is not seen, but if I boot in Linux I see the headset correctly. Works in Linux, does not work in Windows. The headset does not have Limux software so it needs to run in Windows unfortunatly.

Anybody seen this before?


Update your bios. The usb 3 implementation on tr v1 was absolute garbage. Even after a bios update it wont be perfect. Mine is almost tolerable. Also cleaning and reloading the chipset drivers never hurts.

Am on the latest. Updated all firmware, drivers and software available on the ASUS site. There seems to be a block just for these devices and I have no idea why.

Considering a format and reinstall, but that is a nuclear option and there is no guarantee of success until I can identify the issue.

OEMs don’t always have the newest drivers, AMD has the neweset X399 drivers here:


a format and reinstall will not change anything.

honestly if you are reliant on USB3 on a Gen 1 threadripper system, get an add in card and stuff it in a pcie slot.

ASRock has made USB3 tolerable on their gen 1 TR boards, but it still disconnects fairly often.

and yes, use the drivers from AMD, not your OEM.