US Court of Appeals to Hear Net Neutrialty lawsuits on December 4

The U.S Court of Appeals on December 4th will hear the lawsuits filled by Telcom Companies against the FCC. This will be an important test for Net Neutrality. The Courts will likely uphold that the FCC has done nothing wrong. Now the thing is the US Court of Appeals is not the Highest Court in the US. The Telecom Companies can (and likely will) appeal to the US Supreme Court. I personally will be keeping an eye on this to see what happens.

Are you interested in this trial?

I'll be watching this closely as im in one of those areas where comcast has the fastest speed and are making people pay out the nose for it. However I want to say that the other company in the area and my ISP CenturyLink has been taking full advantage of Net Nuetrality since the rules have come into full effect. In Denver (not far from me) CenturyLink has been rolling out symmetric Gigabit fiber to the home and has been spreading rather quickly. Now this could be them preparing for google fiber to be in the market as well but I suspect the former. Personally I hope that all the lawsuits get shot down and the FCC continues to have the Net Nuetrality rules in place and symmetric Gigabit fiber to the home as a standard that every ISP will offer.