URGENT ! really stock

hey guys.

I already have a "MSI GTX 650ti BOOST 2gb OC". I have purchased a MSI 990fxa-gd65 and a Crucial Tactical 8gb kit 1866 so those two are on their way, i will probably receive them on Monday. now i have to choose a CPU so i was think should i get the fx-8320 or fx-6300 ... and don't start talking about intel i'm a intel fanboy myself but just don't have enough money to get a good intel build don't want any i3 or entry i5. plus i wanted to give amd a shot. it'll probably let me down but oh well. 

so moral of the story, having those components is it better to go with a fx-6300 or a fx-8320. i might add in another graphic card several month [a year] down the line. 

my cooler is a zalman cnps5x performa 

cheers guys :) 

fx-8320. I would not even consider the 6300. If you can shell out that little extra for the 8350, then good. but otherwise 8320



Go get the 8320, it's on sale for $130 right now. That's a fucking crazy price, go buy it now what are you still doing here.