URGENT! Motherboard errors

I recieved my cable mod extensions and i installed them. My dekstop booted but also gave errors. From cpu to vga to boot. Also the Qcode screen gives a lot of errors. Gets to AE and eventually AO and windows 7 boots.

The problem is the booting takes longer, mouse and keyboard dont get activated and fans wont slow down. I removed extensions frok everything and the problem still occurs.

My motherboard is an Vii formula
Cpu: i7-4790k
Gtx 970 gpu
1 ssd and 1 hdd
And a corsair 650m power supply. Please help me

Sounds like either your cpu, gpu or ram (or everything) need to be removed and re-seated. Check for bent pins in the sockets and make sure that the card edge connectors are clean. Its easy to knock things loose when messing inside a case, especially if they are not firmly seated to begin with. It happens a lot...

What do you mean by card edge connectors? I guess all is okay what depends the placement because i can run games and use everything. This is what happens after being reconnected to all the peripherals and power cable so the restart is normal : https://youtu.be/gUOb5A0D9wQ

Well, it seems to reboot at Q-Code 71, which appears to be a common code to various problems. The first thing I would try is resetting the CMOS to defaults. If you can, remove the CMOS battery and check to see that its still good. If resetting CMOS doesn't help, then it might be time to replace the CMOS battery (its unlikely, but they can be faulty). If that doesn't help...

Q-Code AE means Legacy boot event. This may mean you have UEFI turned off. Was your OS installed with UEFI turned on? If so, check that UEFI is turned on in BIOS.

Check the manual for your board. You may need to setup your DRAM timings on a lower setting. It looks like it tries to boot and then realizes something is wrong (like DRAM is not stable) and makes some changes (switches the timings) before rebooting. Its hard to tell really. There are Onboard LEDs near the power connector but I can't see which ones are on in that video.

The fact that it reboots at Q-Code 71 really doesn't say much. The fact that other people have had similar problems regarding that code 71 and have had completely different solutions to it tells me it could really be any number of random things. It might be time to tear it down and put it back together piece by piece.

Probably not necessary here as it looks like you have a different problem, but...
The card edge is where all the contacts on the GPU are that go into the PCIe socket, or the contacts on the DDRx module that go into the DDRx slot. Usually people like to touch the gold/copper contacts on the RAM or the GPU and that can cause them to oxidize and corrode. Cleaning them with some 99% Isopropyl alcohol can usually bring them back to life.

One more thing... Q-Code 71 is the PCH DXE SMM Initialization... DXE, I believe is a type of driver for UEFI BIOS's and SMM stands for System Management Mode. And SMM has a lot to do with things like fans, reading proper temperatures from the motherboard and waking or sleeping the computer etc... So if that isn't working right then strange things can happen.

System Management Mode can also be abused to run high-privileged rootkits

If none of the above helps at all, then re-flash your BIOS with the most recent version. Not exactly sure if that is your problem, but if all else fails... flush it. \o/

Thanks for the reply
The reboot is always after it has been out of power.
these are all the errors i get.Im concerned about the 55 and the cpu led aswell as the boot_device led.

00 = Not used
08 = System Agent Initialization after micro code loadin
10 = PEI Core is started
29 = OEM pre-memory initialization codes
25 = OEM pre-memory initialization codes
26 = OEM pre-memory initialization codes
88 = OEM DXE initialization codes
41 = OEM post memory initialization codes
19 = Pre-memory PCH initialization is started
15 = Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started
21 = OEM pre-memory initialization codes
55 = Memory not installed
36 = CPU Post-memory initialization
32 = CPU Post-memory initialization
4F = DXE IPL is started
60 = DXE Core is started
61 = NVRAM initialization
78 = ACPI Module initialization
83 = OEM DXE initialization codes
6A = System Agent DXE SMM Initialization is started
91 = Driver connecting is started
96 = PCI Bus Assign Resources
62 = Installation of the PCH Runtime services
AE = Legacy Boot event
AO = A0 - IDE initialization is started

Also, UEFI that is bios with mouse and everything isnt it?

Re-seat the cpu maybe?
If you motherboard realy trows manny diffrent error codes.
Then it might be that the cpu is not seated properly.
Also check for any damaged of bended pins in the cpu socket.

it is under my h100i unable to move or anything else. Can it be just like that??

You could just try to re-seat it.
Never hurts to do so.
Just take the cpu out of the socket, and re-install it.
Then reset the bios, and boot up.

to bad i dont have any compound or somehting arround.. Will try gpu cable first as soon as i get home.

when i had the post code 55 on my ASUS board it was bent cpu. i would highly suggest looking!

It is not displaying for long, was it with you?

well i think you will be fine with just a re-seat without re doing thermal paste for now just for testing.
If you can get some paste this week, then it should not be that big of a problem.

Not able to because of my internship. Can it be due to cpu fan?

Be sure your CPU fan is hooked up right. I know some boards won't even boot if the fan is not hooked up, but this is something you can change inside the BIOS. You should be able to disable CPU fan warnings etc, if you aren't using a CPU fan or the CPU fan connector is broken...

And don't think of those codes as error codes. The Q-Code is displaying what part of the process the BIOS is currently in, that way if it locks up you know where to look. Its like a program that is executing and telling you what line of code its on, but in this case its what section of the BIOS is executing. When something goes wrong and it aborts or locks up you have the last section it was working on. So only look at the last one displayed before the reboot. Viewing the video in slow-mo, this looked to be 71.

And like I said, it very well could be anything with that code. That is the point the UEFI BIOS starts loading DXE drivers to make the very basic things on your board work. Check your hard drive for errors, clear CMOS to defaults, check all cables including hard drive cables (sometimes reversing the SATA cables can help), run a full virus scan with a rootkit detector and re-flash BIOS to latest... If nothing helps, re-seat everything.

If you've ever downloaded cracked software or games, went to un-safe websites or ran any kind of hacking software then you may have a rootkit that can infect the UEFI driver stack. Yes, that's a thing.

hi, you mentioned it happens when its out of power, do you mean after its turned off or unplugged cord ( drained caps etc,)
If your psu has already problems with stable operating voltages adding extensions can lead to further voltage loss due to resistance [ it all depends on extension cables awg and length and materials (copper, aluminium,copper clad aluminium) ].It may drop below acceptable operating limit. Psu is tested to fit the norm on stock cables.

Everyone so much thanks for all the info. I learned a lot today. I learned that the boot numbers are normal on boot and it only is a problem when it stops at a certain code that isnt A0.