Urgent help with brand new broken pc

need a pc to work on renders and editing and gaming on the side so i got these parts about 2-3 months ago;


-amd fx8350 black

-2x mushkin 4gb ram (8gb total)

-geforce gtx 770 

-adata SSD sp900

-western digital 1tb hard drive

-thermaltake 750w power supply

-gigabyte 970a ud3p motherboard

-thermaltake case 


so the computer works fine for 2 months and out of the blue the motherboard dies!!!
i did some digging around and i find out the motherboard even though supposed to be high endurance and stuff, actually is freezing a lot of people's machine as i find out even during bios which is what happens to my pc, not even the boot sequence is crash free.


claiming the warranty on the gigabyte is out of the question i cannot do it; i got the card in north america and i am too far away now -


i desperately need an alternative to this motherboard that won't break and actually work with my components, since i was duped into buying a crappy crappy card that i can't take back to the store -


my budget is about what i spent on the one that broke $100-ish since i have had to throw away 100$ down the drain on a useless motherboard at this point!


i am thinking preferably i want to avoid gigabyte from now on and maybe buy an asus, i hope you guys can help me out - i thank you all in advance!
i am sitting with a dead pc now so really any info will be welcome, regards




my suggestion is these two parts,

the psu is because friends don't let friends use thermaltake power supplies 

Asus M5A97R2 is an awesome board!  Was my old AMD rig with FX8350.  Was rock solid and OCd great.

your pal, wikkett

Depends on the thermaltake model - some are pretty damn good.


I'm curious about the dead board is it actually hardware failure or something bad with the bios can you link me to the other people having the issue? 

or perhaps the PSU caused the failure. I have not heard bad things about that board. It usually seems to be pretty solid.