UPS unit with Power Surge protection vs Powerstrip with Power Surge proctection

I was wondering which is the best. I wanted to buy one and I wasn't sure which. I had bought a UPS before but it barely lasted 3 months. If UPS under $80 would you recommend? It's for pc related stuff. For example Gaming desktop, laptop for work, multiple monitors and other peripheral devices.



Keep it metal!

I would always suggest a UPS considering it's a surge protector, line conditioner and backup power.

I've never seen any UPS' have any issues, even the ones around 150 bucks (placed on in friends home once and it works great to this day) but I suppose the latter issue could be troublesome although I had never heard of such issues until now.

But your other post is valid, be wary of crap brands.

Ok here it is. My UPS has 8 conector. 4 powered by the battery it's self(has a a power switch) and the other 4 the regular way. The power surge protection applies on the battery side. All working well and all of a sudden the power button for the bat side wasn't working so the battery side won't work anymore. So why the fuck do I even use it if I don't get any power surge protection? So I stoppped using it lol


CyberPower 425VA SL Series