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UPS that is a bit hidden away, any out there?



are you spider man? because your cables are like cobwebs


Sorry, I don’t know since I haven’t used FreeNAS.

Also, the runtime calculator might be useful in your selection:

Seems realistic, as the CP1500PFCLCD was showing 120+ minutes runtime for my 2700X system at idle (with monitor off) during a recent power outage.


Checked it and it doesen’t have a battery health status. That’s also to be expected since it’s using a 12V lead-acid “dumb” battery. But it shows the battery voltage so you can gauge from that if the battery is doing well or not.


Would not that be totally simulated unless you power cycled the power off and measured it ? The whole point of UPS is that 5-0% of time when the power is off. Or for dirty power the isolation and power conditioning 24/7 ?


It’s worse inside the case - I’ll have to share a pic to shock you :scream:


No worries mate.

That’s a handy calc, nice one!

That’s a pretty good run time, more than enough :+1:


Thanks for checking. With my motorbike, if I want to check the power (very roughly), I put a voltmeter on the battery as I thumb the starter. If it drops fairly low, I know if I need to suffer the expense of a replacement or not. Sometimes it’s necessary…bloody English weather :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sure I’ve had UPS in the past that do a test load to determine the battery condition, but I could be wrong.


The measurement of the battery voltage is accurate, in this case I think, because the unit is line-interactive so the battery it’s not connectd all the time. Also the unit can do a self test and has a battery indicator into the LCD to let you know if it needs to be changed.
Isolation and power conditioning made by a UPS are minimal. If you want that you need a power rectifier (not sure about the naming) which I had and it’s a completly different tool, a big ass box that weights 60 pounds or more and it’s dedicated to filter the power going to electronic devices.


Yeah, that’s the only way to check the health of those kind of batteries.

The UPS I have has a self test you can launch or schedule so it can be reliable all the time.


i’m ready whenever you are


On the UPS Pro you can disable the audible alarm with the middle button on the front.

I connect mine with a USB cable & use apcupsd to shut it down. I get around 35 minutes on battery.

XFCE Power Manager can display the time remaining on battery.

If you are running a NAS & wanted native zfs encryption see my note here.


That’s probably a bit over kill for me, thanks again for clarifying :+1:

Nice one, really reassuring to know re the self test :slight_smile:

:joy::rofl::joy: Brilliant froggy’s…and you’re on, I’ll take pics tomorrow :wink::scream:

Thank you mate, really helpful to know, especially about NAS, when the day comes :+1:

Nothing important: Just figured how you can multi answer with this forum, very smart Wendell!


Just for you froggy :wink:

  1. Nice cooler
  2. A little cable management never hurt anyone


Hi maze, just wanted to say sorry I didn’t see your message, no idea why! Yes though, I am in the UK. A PC case would be OK if I end up putting it somewhere hidden away…part of me now even wonders about a false wall. Saying that, the design could be changing soon as I’m going to ask the local neighbours what they think of the proposal :scream:

  1. Fanx :smiley:
  2. It’s on the todo list…made worse by the 6 HDD’s in there :confused:


not sure how i feel about this… it’s clean… yet wires going in every direction…


Yeah, you definitely don’t need a box like that. I got one from a company that was doing a server room overhaul. Neither is to say that I sold it a couple months after because was too big and didn’t give me much benefits anyway.


They are a little sporadic, but all of them have a purpose. When I get a moment, I’m going to make tidy - froggy may even become proud of the job :slight_smile:

Of course…being self-employed, if I have a spare moment, I normally start to panic, such is sole trader life! :scream:


Oh hey ho, at least you tried it for size :slight_smile:

In an ideal world, I would have some solar panels (perfect flat roof, good sunlight), get me some deep cell batteries and be fine for long term electrical failures. However, that would probably ad £2,000 and a lot of my time to fit, neither of which I have. SadFace :frowning: