Upload bug?

I noticed that when uploading a photo/gif it only tells me it’s too big after it’s 100% uploaded. I just uploaded 150MB gif, and waited for it to upload all the way before it said “hey it’s too big”.

Can’t JS check the file size before upload?

No idea but the max size is set server side. It would have to edit client side code for something like that which i’m assuming it doesn’t do.

Not sure what the current max is. 10mb maybe.

I think it said 8MB. I just thought it’s wasteful to upload it and then delete it coz it’s too big.

If it can be cut on the client side, would be better. Ofc you still need the server-side check. :man_shrugging:

8000kb is max, also it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

It could be checked using the FileAPI:

This is something that should be implemented in Discourse though, maybe file a request there :slight_smile:

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I went there once, been told that our usecase don’t mater lol.

Cause the co-founder is a jerk


To be fair most people are not going to upload files this big. Then again, it would be nice if the limit was actually in the upload dialogue.

I mean… They never said that at all. I think they actually said they had plans for other features in the future that may solve your issue.

For this particular issue the best thing to do would be to submit some sort of bug report or feature request upstream to discourse. Or make a plugin but it seem like something that should link in with the upload feature anyway.

Pretty sure they said it wasn’t inline with their vision.

I didn’t check after that tho.