Upgrading RAM in new laptop

I got a new laptop to take some online college courses. It came with 4gb RAM which i want to upgrade.   Will i get better performance buying another 4gb stick so I'll have total of 8gb running in dual channel or purchasing a 8gb stick for a total of 12gb (max for the system).  The operating system is Windows 8 and the model number is HP touchsmart hp-n092nr

You'd get better performance with purchasing a stick of 8GB. I'm running Win 8.1 on a laptop with a stick of 2GB and a stick of 4GB.

cool thanks yeah pretty sure more ram is always better but just wanted to verify

it is best to buy matching ram sticks if you are going to use both slots. getting two 4 gig sticks with 1600 and cas 9 or lower would be the best thing for you and probably cheeper than the single 8 gig stick.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104359  just because i dont know what your mother board has and what processor you are using.

edit after looking around for your model and info on it i did indeed select memory that will work for you. i was unable to find any info that stated that 1866 ram would work at rated speed. so stick with 1600 to be safe and 1.35 voltage.