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Upgrading PC or Buying Parts for Friend

My friend doesn’t have a lot of money but has been wanting to play some games with me for a while so I decided I am going to buy CPU, Mobo, Memory, and SSD for him. Of course, he is fine with whatever decision I make and I was thinking I could upgrade my PC and then give him my parts, but I’m curious if this is worth doing.

I have an Asrock X370 Taichi and a Ryzen 1700.

I’m thinking I could put a 3700x, 3800x, or 3900x in my X370 but I am curious if I would be missing out on some advantageous features?

My other option is to just get one of the CPU’s above and pair it with an x570 mobo, but after some light research I see some people say rather than upgrading to 3000 series you would be better off waiting for 4000 series?

Any Thoughts?

Unless you absolutely need a PCIe 4.0 NVMe drive or more PCIe bandwidth, you’d be fine with sticking to the x370 board and dropping in a Ryzen 3000 CPU. The jump from a 1700 to 3700x was pretty significant in terms of gains for FPS, but wouldn’t be particularly noticeable unless you’re running a 1080Ti/2070 Super+

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I have an evga 2070 but not the super edition. I was looking into waiting for Zen3 but it’s looking like Zen4 while there is not much information will be a bigger jump. So getting a 3900x now won’t necessarily be a bad decision

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You’ll likely get a decent FPS boost then, and your friend will get a decent PC :slight_smile:

sounds like you’ve already found your answer but just to sweeten the pot there are a lot of good B450 boards for next to nothing compared to a x570 board

Well if you are willing to make your friend happy,
you could of course consider sell him the cpu + mobo as a combo.
Basically your particular X370 Taichi board is a pretty decent board,
and with a bios update it will work well for basically all the 3000 series cpu´s.
You are not really going to miss out on much other then pci-e4 support.

However of course there are a couple of very nice x570 boards out there,
that come with some nice additional features like more m.2 slots,
more usb, 10G nic’s, wifi6 and such kind of things.
Which in my opinion might be worth considering,
especially if you are looking for a 3900X in particular.
Of course the more fully featured higherend x570 boards,
are likely a bit more expensive that you might like to spend on a mainstream platform.
However with a 3900X or 3950X, you basically want a nice board.

The Asrock X570 Creator in my opinion is still a really nice board.
It’s a bit expensive, but also comes with 10G nic, and Thunderbolt3.

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Could also go with an x470 taichi ultimate as well and save quite a bit as well if Thunderbolt 3 or PCIe 4 isn’t required :slight_smile: