Upgrading my RAM!

Hello everyone, first time posting here :)

First, this is my build.

  • Asus M4N75TD
  • AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
  • 3x Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 1600 2GB CL9
  • Antec TP-650
  • WD Caviar Blue 1TB SATA3

The 6GB of RAM that i have are getting short as I'm having to run virtual machines now and i ended up having 0mb free. So i was thinking on upgrading my ram to 16gb (Corsair Vengeance PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 16GB 2x8GB CL10). I wanted 8gb dimms so i could later upgrade to 32gb. The problem that i have is that I'm not sure if my motherboard supports 8gb dimms. In the website it says this.

4 x DIMM, Max. 16GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)/1333/1066 Hz ECC, Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory
Dual Channel Memory Architecture
* Refer to www.asus.com or user manual for the Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists).
* Due to OS limitation, when installing total memory of 4GB capacity or more, Windows® 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Install a 64-bit Windows® OS when you want to install 4GB or more memory on the motherboard.
* AMD AM3 100 and 200 series CPU support up to DDR3 1066MHz.

But Its does not specify the max size of the dimm. I'm guessing the max dimm is 4gb, but i wanted to check.

What do you guys think would be the best solution?



The maximum you can have in the board total is 16GB.  It should work just fine with 2 8GB DIMMs, or maybe a 4x4GB.

+1 This guys right! ^ If you're worried about the "4GB limitation" then you ave nothing to worry about. On windows XP or older, the Operating System will only see 3.99GB in total, but it can still use more than that, it just won't t show that there is anymore than that when you click on PC properties.

Thanks guys! Time to get some new ram then!