Upgrading my pc

I finally have a job again and i want to upgrade my comouter.

MY specs:

Case: CM Storm Enforcer

Motherboard: Asus M5A97

CPU: AMD FX-6100

RAM: 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz

HDD: Random Samsung 160gb 7200rpm

GPU: Asus AMD Radeon HD 6670

PSU: CoolMax

I might get crap for this but i dont actually know what model coolmax psu I have so that will be replaced. Got from my friend who ended up not using it, he said it was a 1000watt but...

I use it heavily for gaimg mostly.

My questions are:

 1.Should I get more ram or go with faster ram(higher mhz)

 2. As for a new gpu, 7870? I want to keep the cost for the gpu around $200 or so.

Any suggestions are welcome also.




You don't really need faster RAM. 1600MHz is fast enough for games, and you also don't really need more than 8GB. As for the GPU, for around $200 you can also get a GeForce GTX 660. Look up some benchmarks, and decide what you want to get. The 7870 and the 660 have almost the same performance(I would personally go for the 660 though).

So in summary: If I was in your position, I would buy a GeForce GTX 660(and also save up some money for a 60-64GB SSD)

  • For a gaming computer, 8Gb of RAM is plenty. Higher clock speeds would be better, although it probably stops being that noticeable at higher freqencies (say 2000+MHz). 1600MHz is plenty.
  • 1000W is absolutely monstrous for something like this, so in all honesty, I'd try to sell it (if you could actually determine what it is), and buy a cheaper 600W PSU. '
  • See if you can invest in a SSD for your OS and some of your frequent games. Either that or a higher capacity HDD. I don't know how you're getting by with 160Gb, but hey, that's just me.
  • A 7870 performs brilliantly well, and is extremely good value for money. 

So basically, instead of spending money on more/better RAM, I'd invest in a SSD or bigger HDD.

a 7870 is better then a 660 for the same price =)