Upgrading my PC

Hello Guys,

Iam upgrading my PC from
1.CPU : intel core 2 dou e7400 @ 2.80 GHz
2.Ram : 2 GB DDR2

3: GPU : Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT (XFX)

4:Motherboard GA-EP31-DS3L rev.2.1

5:HDD 500GB WD caviar green

6:PSU 300w unbranded

My new gaming rig
1.CPU i5 200$

2.GPU XFX Radeon HD7770 Black Edition DD 1GB GDDR5 150$

3.Ram Kingstone HyperX 1600

4.PSU coolermaster extream 500w 60$

5.ill not change the HDD

6. i need the cheapest Mopo that can run those stuff

my question is does any compo. bottleneak anything ?

and thanks

Thats not a upgrade thats a new build with your old harddisk :)

Why do you want the cheapest motherboard? Don't go to cheap on the motherboard. Do you need a ATX or microATX board and are you gonna overclock? And how many sata do you prefer?

In my opinion, with that CPU you should get a GPU thats quite a bit better. you should never cheap out on the GPU. something like an AMD 7950 would over double the graphical performance.

and an SSD would be nice for you to have as boot drive, and a 60gb drive isnt very expensive I think.

I think you could pretty much pick any motherboard thats has a LGA1155 socket, a PCI-e slot and 2 ort more SATA connectors.

a link to a list of good suggestions IMO:   http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/motherboard/#m=8,18,27&s=8&c=52&sort=a6

iam not going to Oc ...

Thanks alote but my budget doesnt allow .... its 3k L.E = 500 $ so ... its so hard and anoying ^-^

You can also look for a cheaper AMD apu maybe? :)

i found a really good prices on the website winther gave me and thanks VicctorB for ur help :D