Upgrading my new unit

so i just got a whole new compouter. erazer x315. and im looking to upgrade my gpu.

current gpu is an amd r9 360.

im thinking for my price range ($350) was thinking the amd r9 290. but i know there are tons of distrubutor sites i dont know about. and possible units within my range that are better.

so im looking for tips and links to sites for good sales. advice. anything would be helpful. thanks guys!

I would go with an r9 390 it would be newer than the 290 and its still within your budget I would usually get it over newegg or amazon.

I would aim for a sapphire r9 390, I'm german so I can't recommend any US sites because I just don't know what is considered a good deal over there, but the 390 is on par with the gtx 970 and this or maybe a bit below that is normally the sweet spot for price/performance.

290's are cheaper and pretty much the same thing. You can buy them new from newegg's old stock.

all right if your going to go that rout you could probably fit a 290x into your budget to