Upgrading My Gaming Rig

Hey so this is the rig i am currently using ( Brother Built this for me back in  2011) :

  • Intel Core i7 960
  • Corsair H100 
  • Asus rampage 3 Extreme
  •  2x Ati Sapphire 6970 (Crossfire)
  • Corsair 8gGB 1600Mhz
  • Antec 1200W True power
  • 2TB Wd Black Cavier 
  • 120GB Samsung SSD 
  •  NZXT Tempest Case ( the Case has seen better days)


One of the 6970' died a few days back so now i am running a single gpu config.

I am looking to upgrade this system need suggestions as to what i can or should upgrade (Eg salvage parts from this pc and build a new one form it or just some simple upgrades like a new graphics card , a new sound card etc) . I purely game on this pc ( I play all genres of games ) .

Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome. I have a budget of around 1.5k (usd) for upgrade purposes. I am currently studying in Singapore and the prices are crazy high over here so i am having my dad pick up parts for me from the US.

Thanks to everyone in Advance :)

The system's still not too bad.  I'd suggest picking up a GTX 780 or some high end video card.

Opinions on the new amd cards ? Worth waiting or should i just go for the a 780 or a titan ? I am kinnda new to hardware 

I would wait and see how much the R9 290X costs and how well it performs.

It never hurts to wait.  I'd take a look at the R9 290x's performance benchmarks and reviews when they come out.