Upgrading my 2017 ryzen PC to 3950x with ECC


I built my PC back in 2017 when Ryzen was released. My config is basically:

  • ryzen 7 1700
  • x370 taichi
  • 64gb kingston DDR4
  • 960 EVO NVME
  • GTX 1070 for passthrough/light gaming
  • RX 460 for main Linux OS

Even though I was an early adopters that got one of the CPU units with hyperthreading hardware bugs, the PC is still serving me very well to this day, both for work and gaming.

Still, with the announcement of Zen 3 not supporting motherboards below x570, I thought it would be a good opportunity to upgrade my CPU to 3950x which will give me double the number of threads while also saving on the motherboard. Also might upgrade RAM to ECC if it is supported (haven’t researched much).

Any X370 taichi + r9 3950x users here? If so, does the combination work fine or should I wait for zen 3 and upgrade the motherboard as well? My workload is basically virtualization and software development. I understand I will have to upgrade my firmware to connect r9 3950x (Haven’t touched firmware updates in a while to avoid any possible bugs).

What about ECC RAM, any recommendation?

I thought I saw someone running Vermeer on an x370 Taichi back in December ; YMMV

Here: https://www.jzelectronic.de/jz2/index.php?lid=dGlkPSZ0aGVtYV9pZD0mYWN0PTM5NDA4

EDIT: It seems support was enabled by accident … not a supported setup.

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