Upgrading Motherboard=Overclocking problems

I recently upgraded my socket from a 760g to a 970 am3+ motherboard and overclocking with the 760g was a breeze, 4.6 Ghz and stable as a rock, but  when I upgraded, I couldn't even push it to 4.2Ghz. So I increased the voltage to 1.457 and I could get my old 4.6Ghz speed for up to 3 hours be fore crashing. Then I tried to increase the north bridge voltage and it just didn't work and I tried turning all the cpu features off it just doesnt get as stable and I think its bc the motherboards #1 priority is temp were as the 760g could easily run as high as 106 C and be perfectly fine and stable. But this motherboard wont let me go over 80C  

Btw I'm using an FX 8320 with the stock cooler and the stock cooler has always been fine for me.

Well it wouldve been better to go to a 990fx board and not a 970. 

which mobo do have right now?

its >>> MSI 970A-G43

Maybe with better vrm cooling you will get better results.

Still, thats not the best overclocking  board :/

The 970A-G43 is a terrible mobo it cant handle a 8 core at stock nerver mind overclocked (in fact all MSI AM3+ mobos are junk for 8 cores apart from there brand new 8+2 phase gameing 970 mobo that has just relesed)


There new AM3+ 970 chipset gameing mobo if anyone is interested --> http://www.hardwarezone.com.my/tech-news-computex-2014-msi-unveils-worlds-first-usb-31-and-ddr4-motherboards-update-overclocking-pr

Ya, thats kind of interesting. Wanna see oc'ed with a 8core.

Any amd product at 106 c and your hurting something. The mb or the cpu .Take your pick, if not both.

yeah that msi 970 board is terrible for a FX 8core cpu, only 4+1 powerphase and cheapass vrm´s, these boards are not realy designed for an FX 8 core cpu. especialy if you wanne overclock, then its better to buy a decent 990FX chipset board, like the Asus M5A99Fx pro R2.0 or better.


I have a small hot room, but I might just go back to the 760g. I'm not to sure about 990fx seeing the way this mobo is going.

The chipset is largely irrelevant its the power phase that needs to be better that mobo has no cooling on the vrm's and only has a 4+1 phase its just not good enuff.

You whant atlest a 6+2 heatsinked stable power derlivery for overclocking a AMD 8 core cpu.

Ok Thanks guys, that's annoying :/