Upgrading mint 17.1 to 18

Hello peoples of the level1 I enjoy playing leauge of legends, after struggling to get it working on linux I thought "Fuck it. I owe riot nothing, I'm going to install DoTA." and I did, but then to my dismay apparently my Open Gl drivers needed to be updated, after struggling with that for a while I realised the drivers I needed weren't supported for the version of Linux I'm running (if you didn't guess Mint 17.1).

So now I'm looking to upgrade but the only option seems to be to reinstall the OS, which I'm happy to do, but I'm wanting to back up my games so I don't need to download them all over again.
My drive is partitioned from an earlier attempt at install a secondary boot for windows. So will I just be able to copy the files I want to keep into one of these partitions and then install Mint 18 over where the OS is currently. Then Direct steam to where the games are and they'll work happily?

Edit: Side note how do I make sure a usb is suitable for using as a boot drive? I have one that I was using to try install the windows OS and it wouldn't let me boot from it. Possibly due to something I had done when trying to create the boot drive but is there such a thing as some usb drives not working to install from. Is it possible to use a phones microsd card as storage to install an os from.

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If the original Steam files were working on the older Mint install sure. It should work. As long as you store them and run them from a Linux file system.

Only if the usb itself has an issue or something glitches during making the boot usb.

for linux imgs you can use dd to create the disk.

you could use partition the drive like this. with linux it is a good idea todo something like this

|                     |               |                         |
| Linux Mint Install  | other OS part | games/files/home/etc... |
|                     |               |                         |

This is what I attempted to do. I managed to separate the drives single partition into three, with in intetion of the first continuing to have the mint installation installing the windows on the second and keeping files that would be shared on the third partition.

steam directory for the user is

You can store your steam games anywhere, even on a network drive if mounted properly. You just need to point steam at it. You might not keep some temp files, some games keep folders in odd locations with cache but that's effectively unimportant.

When I try copying the steam folder it says I can't move steam.pipe apparently I can't copy a special file.

You don't need to copy the whole folder just the games folder. By default that's ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/

steam.pipe is a special FIFO file.

Ok so I just installed the new OS, not too sure about this KDE business but that's something to work out later, and is probably due to having used GNOME previously.

Are there any suggestions for what I should do first??

My WiFi signal seems to be weaker than it was, but otherwise seems to function just as poorly (planning on running a cable before I get new p.c)

The Mint KDE edition is pretty bad. I wouldn't use it. It is almost entirely based off of Kubuntu. It seems KDE5 has been too much work for the Mint team to invest in right now, so they are using Kubuntu as a base and putting their stamp on it. Reading the blog and watching some reviews of it online it doesn't seem a great idea to use in general. I had a live ISO test and it crashed quite a bit so i didn't bother installing.. apparently changing themes causes it to crash but thats 'just KDE for you' .. errm no, thats just a buggy desktop environment. Linux is all about theming. Then you still have vsync issue and other oddities.

Can I just replace the desktop environment or do I need to reinstall a different version of mint? Regretting not choosing the cinnamon.

You can replace easily,

go into the synaptic package manager add the package..

reboot and choose the session at login. Although it may add bloat you can type mint meta and find most other DE's too like xfce, MATE and have multiple installed at once without too many issues. The only glitch i found was in having xfce+MATE installed was the MATE menu stopped working occasionally. Im running Cinnamon+MATE as my preferred combo.

Ensure that you actually update the system, Mint has a bad habit of not having good update defaults and will not show you kernel updates by default. Make sure it updates everything every time.

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Is this more than sudo apt-get update??

That was the second thing I did, first was connecting to wifi

update only updates the package database you need apt-get upgrade you may also need to run apt-get dist-upgrade to get kernel updates installed.


I just ran into serious problems.

Left my computer, it went to lock screen then sleep or something, I'm not sure I hadn't really change many of the default settings. Now it wont boot, loaded up with the boot usb thinking I'd be able to copy my steam games once more then reinstall but I can't gain access.

Going to try rebooting once more and hope for best.

Boot from the live USB, and copy your files that way. You might be able to repair the installed system from the live usb system too, depending on what the problem is. To know that, you'll have to diagnose. Try booting in recovery and looking at the logs, or at least at dmesg.

ah yes the downside of multiple DE's installed at once is multiple screen saver applications lol. xfce is particularly lame i don't know if its a Mint thing or if xfce is just getting long in the tooth. I noticed on xfce when the screen blanks it will not wake the monitor, i had to disable the power management xfpower.. not ideal. With MATE i did not have this problem as MATE is more modern in design.

Sad ur leaving League lol. I know many of my hardcore league players went to Overwatch or CS GO. These are the platinum and gold rated guys. IMO still here in Dota for last 10 years. It's not great but the custom games are worth it since Blizz rekt the custom map scene in SC2.