Upgrading from the Acer P195HQ?

The monitor I own is perhaps one of the best I've seen for such vivid colors and crisp quality. It's glossy to give more colors. Yes! I can't I any reflection because my room is dark, I look hard and can't see reflections, so please don't trash talk over the fact it's glossy. Sometimes I tell people and they still go over it like mad.

However, the only downsides are that it's 18.5" and the refresh rate is only 60hz. I'm wanting to modernize a bit, by upgrading to a 24"-120hz or 27"-120hz (If 27"-120hz is possible). I want it to have really vivid and crisp screen with the glossy aspect Similar to the current one I have.

No matter how hard I look, I can't find any suggestions or recommendations to what I should upgrade to, so I thought I would forum about it hoping for suggestions.

My budget is £200. I might be able to go a little higher if necessary, but not much higher.

Thanks in further notice though :)

Every 120/144hz monitor is a TN panel, which are far worse colors than an IPS panel, although apparently some monitors such as Asus' ROG Swift have relatively good colors on their TN panels.