Upgrading CPU/MOBO need help!

So, after messing around with parts and such, I realize that I really want to upgrade my CPU in the near future. I was wondering if there was a way for me to keep my windows 7 on the new mobo as I know it won't take it with the new chipset and all. How exactly do you "reinstall" windows when it won't even boot up? Do I need a disc? Any help would be useful so please say something if you know. Or if you think I should just wait until Windows 10 comes out then tell me why. Thanks,


so your current computer is not booting? what

I might be misinterpreting, but it sounds like you're expecting Windows to refuse to boot if you switch the motherboard.  This isn't the case.  It'll boot just fine and go to desktop, but then it'll say in the corner of your screen that your version of Windows is unlicensed.  Then you'll have to give Windows a new License Key and let it activate it.  Now this actually only happens if you're using an OEM license of Windows 7.  That is, Windows 7 was installed on a system you bought prebuilt.  If your Windows 7 key is Retail, meaning you bought it yourself, this won't happen.  Only OEM keys are tied to the first motherboard they're installed with.