Upgrading Build. Cpu and Motherboard suggestions?


I recently bought  my new pc build and I had the following Mobo + CPU combo:

intel i5 3570k

P8Z77-v Pro/Thunderbolt -MOBO

I was thinking of upgrading to the new i5 haswell 4670k and my friend suggested since hes building a rig of his own buying my mobo and cpu from me so I could buy the following:

intel i5 4670k

Asus Sabertooth z87 LGA 1150 Intel Z87 ATX intel motherboard.


My questions are:

1. Is it worth it?

2. Should I use another mobo for the 4670k?

Thanks in advance guys!

Really depends on what you're doing. As a gamer, Haswell still doesn't provide me any incentive to upgrade my 2500k. However, as a gamer, linux enthusiast, and someone in need of a laptop upgrade, Haswell could be a good consideration for me, provided Haswell's mobile parts are as efficient as Intel claims. Early testing as shown that Haswell's desktop uses slightly more power than Ivy Bridge, and can gets very hot. Short of coming from a Core 2 system or older, or using a program that utilizes the AVX2 and/or FMA3 instruction sets, no point in upgrading to Haswell. It's only 6-10% faster than Ivy bridge, probably won't overclock as well, which in turn, Ivy bridge didn't overclock as well as Sandy.

There's no real point to upgrade right now, but if your friend is willing to buy your old stuff off you to grab a Haswell CPU and motherboard then I'd say go for it.

You have to buy a new motherboard because Haswell uses a different socket.


I wasn't looking to upgrade because of exactly the same reasons jerm explained. But my friend just saw me looking at the new cpu's and explained to me hes planning to build his own rig next month and he didnt want to use haswell. He later offered to buy my parts which are like 50 days old only, for the same price that I paid for them. So that was the main reason I was thinking about it. Still not sure if I want to do it though since I did mannage to overclock this 3570k really well and I only use it for gaming and video editing for work.

What did you overclock it to? 

4.7ghz and it has been stable.