Upgrade Time, Input on Phone choices

I am on AT&T and my 2 year contract so it is phone upgrading time with contract renewal. I am mainly stay on AT&T because I get a 18% discount through my employer and I am grandfathered into the unlimited data plan. My current phone is the LG Optimus G Pro. It has been a great phone and held up well, my only issues are the lack of Accessories and Updates. Both most likely because of the limited production quantities of the phone .

All my previous phone had Otterbox Defenders, my case of preference do to my line of work, so I was a bit bummed that one was never produced for the G Pro. I had to settle for a generic holster hardcase, it got the job done, but had lots of issues making it a pain to use.

 the G Pro has a 5.5" screen and still felt a little small for my largish hands So phones I am currently thinking of are:

the Moto Nexus 6 ($250USD subsidized)

This phone caught my eye due to large size of the Screen (nearly 6 inches) and the android updates it will receive being a nexus phone

and the Note 4 ($299USD subsidized) .

The S-Pen intrigues me as I'm always hitting the wrong things on screen with my large hand. I also looked at the Samsung Galaxy Edge as it is basically a Note 4 with an extra screen. However I am concerned about not being able to find a Quality Holster Hard Case for it due to the limited production run (1 million units from reports).


Also the One + One caught my eye but I learned on their website is "invite only" so I sort of ruled it out and did not research it.


I've had the OnePlus for a good 4 months now and have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. A few concerns about build quality and Cyanogen, but it's really held up. Go see Logan's videos. I upgraded from a Galaxy S2.

And I've still got a handfull of invites, but they're only good for the next three days.

I know cyanogen is a popular choice and I hear about a lot of people flashing it to their phones. I would be to afraid of turning it into a brick, but if it comes already installed as the default that would be better.

Never considered a windows phone, I'm not against it, but I do have all my stuff on google services already.