Upgrade suggestions

I currently have this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/31LCr as my PC. It's pretty decent, but I was on a tight budget when I built it and I would like to get some more performance out of it now. I have about a $1200 budget, and I would like to make this a beast of a gaming/video editing machine. I could use some suggestions as to what upgrades I should do.

RAM, SSD, and GPU.

For the SSD I recommend a Corsair Neutron GTX, Samsung 840 Pro or EVO, SanDisk Extreme II, & Kingston Hyper 3K.

For the GPU, a 780ti at the highest end, but more realistically a 770ti or so.

The RAM however much you wish.  Don't get more RAM than you are going to use.

pretty much what betax said, but if you wanna game but also some editing, get 16 gb

Ok, so with with a gtx 780, a 120 gb Samsung 840 EV0 SSD, and 16 gb of ram my total is at $766. 

If I were to put a fx 8350 in my system how much if any increase in performance would I see?