Upgrade pc?

i got a downloading pc.

this pc has a e5300 pentium with a gigabyte motherboard GA-EG45M-UD2H.

i download with a wireless connection.

shall i upgrade this system to socket 1155? because it's a old system?

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Is its only job to download files?

Depends what you use the system for? Budget?

Socket 1150 is about to release, in about a week.

its main job is downloading movies.

full hd,1080p,bluray.... moving it from the normal hdd to a extern hdd so budget about €200 till €300.

dont need a hurry can wait because it still works so i can wait till socket 1150.


The computer power is fine, you just need a good internet connection, if it is only downloading.

i got the problem that the pc cant be connected to a broadband, its about 3 meter up to my room and there is concrete in the way.

Just put the PC in your bedroom and connect it with a cable.

You should be able to just buy a wifi adaptor of some sort.

thats the problemen there is nog way i can go there near with a cable i got about a meter of concrete between that.

i got a cisco e2000 wifi router.

I mean, put the PC next to the router and use a cable.

You can't mean there is a router surrounded by 1 metre of concrete from each side?

Not the router. Does the PC have onboard wifi, or do you have it connected with a cable?

i am using a pci express wireless card to connect to the router. there is a gigabyte connection option on the motherboard.

thats a option yeah butt i want mebay a other option as well. got one mebay?

System should be fine as it is. If you're having trouble using wifi, you might just have to connect it with a cable.

yeah sometimes it downloads at 1,0 kb per second ahahah a little bit low dont you think?

Have you tested your system by other means? It could be your internet connection/wifi/ 50:1 ratio (internet slows down when everyone in your locality uses it)

i test it normaly with www.speedtest.net.

it can be the 2.4ghz connection because everyone in area use it.

Cable is more reliable. Just plug it in, and it will be fine for movies.

what about a power connection?