Upgrade or Sli

So i have a gtx 770 (gigabyte Version) And Was thinking about buying another to put in SLI, or selling it, hoping to get around 220-250 for it and upgrading to a 970. which would be cheaper since after selling it would only be another about 100$ investment. to where another 770 would run about 250$.

Looking at benchmarks it is really going towards getting the 970 just wanted to see others thoughts on this.

What resolution do you play at? If you could get around $250 for your 770, you could get an R9 290 Tri X and CFX it. A slight oc allows it more performance than a 290x which at higher resolutions, performs better than a 970.

He won't get that though.

On eBay, they go for $225 at least. 

Yes like zippy said the go for about 225-250 on eBay which is were i would most likely be selling it on. Also would like to note i do like have geforce experience on all the things the come with it. so going with a 290 which some are as cheap as 250 now, i would be geting better/as good performance with much higher thermals and most likely higher noise, at a cheaper price.

Or with a 970 geting all the geforce stuff, lower temps and less noise at a higher price, and from what i can tell a 970 and 290 trade blows in terms of benchmarks.

It honestly depends on the resolution you're playing at. At 1080p, a 970, will in most cases beat a 290. At 1440p, they trade blows. At 4k, the 290 in most cases wins. I wouldn't worry about the high temps as AMD cards are meant to operate in BTC environments where they are clocked higher than stock. As for sound, noise canceling headphones are the solution. The rig I built for my pop has a Windforce 280x (the equal of a 770). Noisy in comparison to my laptop :), but he has a 200mm running at max speed so the card can't be heard.

I am playing at 1080p, For now atleast. So the 970 would probably be a better fit. and by the time i upgrade both nvidia and amd will probably already have a whole new line up.

Well, they look pretty comparable at 4k.  Most games differ by 3-4 fps.