Upgrade my X99 system to Ryzen 7?

Hey, level1er’s:

I am curious what all of you think about upgrading from an i7 5820k to Ryzen 7 1700 system? My largest concern with X99, other than high temperatures, are the current vulnerabilities I have to spectre. It seems that MSI has no intention of releasing a microcode update for the CPU, so I fear I will maintain a high level of risk if I do not swap to a newer or secure platform. Leave your thoughts below. Perhaps I am buying into the spectre narrative too much?


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Are you sure? Here they have a list of motherboards and x99 is on it.

Well, you could but as I understand it all CPUs for the last 20 years are affected to some degree to Spectre. What you might consider instead is an idea proposed by Steve Gibson sometime in 2016 called three dumb rooters. I will post the video which shows how to implement his idea.

Sorry for the lateness of posting this video. This was the earliest I could get to a computer to insert this video. My Tablet doesn’t allow me to insert anything in this forum.
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x99 is on it indeed, but there is fine print

Even though I’ve only had great experiences when dealing with MSI support, I’m sceptical about the meaning of the word “soon”.

I can say I really like my ryzen 1700. So from a biased opinion… Ya, you should upgrade… get flare x ram too.


If he have decent ddr4 ram he may not need to buy new one. As long as it’s not some 2133, he will be able to use it.
I run 1700X and it’s crazy fast. The issue with that is, that it all depends on the load. You may feel massively improvements in performance or non what so ever…
Multithreaded apps are so fast though…

Rightly so, ram is more compatable these days then when I got my x370 taichi.

oh yeah… Basically everything up to 2666 should work just fine. It is still a picky platform for 3200 and up, but 2666 is more than fine for Ryzen performance wise without braking the bank… I mean I have benched my 1700X and with my 2666 ram and B350 board I was faster than some reviews …
Going back to OP though, I am not entirely sure, that this entire issue is even remotely important for a standard user, meaning no enterprise and stuff… I mean who will attack me? They will gain nothing. They will attack a large company or something… But a concern is a concern. Especially after the patch performance loss…

Jumping ship from X99 to Ryzen should be pretty painless these days. Boards are solid, CPUs are dirt cheap in comparison, RAM is already there… So yeah, get rid of the melted stuff and have an upgrade path again.

Couple things to keep in mind:
What exactly is your memory kit?
What is your board form factor?
And what is your cooling solution?

Finally the obligatory duck reference:

I say don’t “upgrade” to Ryzen 7. Your X99 should still receive an update even if it will take some time. (Newer platforms take priority)
And if your system currently does everything you want it to and at the speed you want it to then I would see no reason to switch.


Wow, this thread exploded! As always, you guys offer some awesome advice! Thanks everyone, I will try my best to digest all of this and make a conclusion.

I totally agree.

I dont see manny reasons to upgrade from X99 to Ryzen really.
Especially if its not needed persee.
The patches will be rolled out some day.
Upgrading from X99 to Ryzen isnt really a upgrade but a side grade at best.

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If @QuantumDucksQuark95 wants to upgrade instead of what I suggested, I think he should forget Ryzen and go right to Threadripper. That upgrade would make more sense. That is of course my own opinion.


No. Don’t upgrade.

1: That’s barely an upgrade. The 1700 isn’t much better than your current CPU. You should have a 4.3GHz or larger overclock on your current CPU or you aren’t even trying. (I have 4.1 GHz on my 3930k)

2: Ryzen2 is just around the corner. If you absolutely must upgrade, might as well wait for the new hotness, which should totally be worth it

3: You can upgrade your CPU. Why else did you go with x99? eBay a 6950x in 12 months to hold you over until real fixes in silicon happen - in 2021.

You bought into the x99 architecture. There is no real reason you should have to abandon your investment, especially when new hardware is expensive right now.


Ahh yes the soon™. Well I hope MSI does something in a reasonable time frame. I’ve never not had a reason to like them.