Upgrade Help needed

Greetings from Germany,

so I plan to upgrade my GPU.

My current GPU is an XFX 6870 but it is 3 Years old now and i think it is time to upgrade. I mostly play games like Total War Rome 2, WoW and Dragon Age 3, but espacially Rome 2 an DA3 kill my 6870.

My Systemspeccs are

AMD FX 8350, 8GB RAM, 530 Bequit PSU and Gigabyte 990 FX UD3 Mainboard

My Monitors are on 22' 1680*1050 and a 24' 1920*1200.

What do you guys think you I get? Silence is also important to me and i do not favor AMD or Nvidia. I got around 400€ so a 970 or 290(x) would be the highest pricewise.


Target Framerates for the Games would 60FPS + the Gamemonitor is a Asus PB248Q

Could you include framerates in each of your preferred games so that we have a reference to go off of.

I recently decided to get a Gigabyte 970, and I run games really well maxing them all out at well over 1080p, I would highly recommend this card to anyone that is in need of an upgrade.  

As an example as you stated you play WOW, with the 970 I can use Dynamic Super Resolution to run the game in a higher resolution than 1080p so the game looks really good and still runs well over 60fps. 

Well above 60 frames is the goal.

There is another topic here about memory issues on the GTX 970. I'd hold off on that purchase, until nVidia gives the all clear.

I would say wait until the 300 series is out as the performance is supposed to be amazing and we're going to see a lot of price drops on the Nvidia side.

Do you know when the 300 Series will be dropped?

Q2 this year. The wait is worth it, I have a feeling it is going to kill Maxwell.

It will. the die size is 550 and the 28nm minimum is 600 so by adding 1+1 = new manufacturing process

Yeah they have been talking about 20nm for a while now. Not only that but the new memory (I forget what its called) is cheaper to apply, and at the same time faster. Sooo we will either have more of that budget spent on the core (which will already be faster than Nvidia due to the die size, unless this is where the money went, or if it was spent on the memory itself) or the card will overall be cheaper. So better value for money. AMD is generally pretty good with value for money so I can't wait. We may have another 7*** series amazingness. (I loved the 7970 so much, such a great card)

Search captain jack for info on the 380x.