Upgrade from a 9800 gtx+ <$150

Hey guys, I would like to know what a good graphics card upgrade would be from a 9800 gtx+. My graphics card is dying on me .... it keeps freezing causing me to force restart.

Sigh... HD7770, though I hate recommending this card... if you can, save up for a HD 7870, or at least save up a little more and get an HD7850.

or he can get a gtx 560 or a hd 6870/6850. If he is still playing games on a 9800gtx its going to be a huge step up in performance. I have one question though. What is your cpu?


Oh, I will be upgrading my cpu and motherboard in the near future. I'm planning to get a fx-4170 or fx- 4100 or AMD Phenom II X4 965 lols, still have yet to choose.

650 TI came out bro, better


you can get a 7850 for 184, thats 34 bucks, just don't order 2-3 large pizzas next time you feel like it lol