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Upgrade battery of the MX Master

Hi there,

a few months ago I bought the MX Master mouse from Logitech and I really enjoy it, especially for the smart scroll wheel that can change from a ratcheting mode to a freewheeling mode. This is really handy for when you want to scroll through long documents quickly, but don't want to bother pressing buttons first to switch modes (even though that's also an option).

My biggest issue with the mouse, however, is the horrible battery life. Logitech advertises around 40 days of battery life with a daily use of around 6 hours. My results have been different though. I work with the mouse around 12 hours a day and it only last about 10 days (more or less).

After reading a few posts on broken scroll wheels I discovered that the internal battery is tiny compared to the size of the housing. In fact, it's just 500 mAh (3.7V) and its dimensions are 3.50 x 34.50 x 52.00 mm (thickness x width x length).

After some browsing through ebay, I found various batteries that have a similar size (just thicker) that offer double the capacity. From what I can see on the picture, it seems to me that there should be enough space vertically to fit a battery like that.

Now I am not sure what type of connector I need for the battery and I was hoping that someone from the forum might know how the original connector is called. If someone has some experience in hacking the MX Master I would love to hear about that too. ;-)

Also, if someone has some information about what I need to keep in mind when swapping batteries, I would be glad to know. :)



I have the feeling that is Molex DuraClik, iGrid or MicroLatch

Simple off-topic suggestion.
I've had the 2011 Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. The first time I've started using it, I noticed a similar life span as you did, for a lifespan promise which was way higher. Changing the battery models had no effect.
I contacted my vendor in that regard. They told me to RMA the mouse and they sent me a new one saying that the mouse had a defect.
The new mouse's lifespan was so great I only needed to recharge the batteries once every 3 months, even with an average use of 8 hours per day every single day as a student.
Currently, I have the Logitech MX Anywhere 2. It's not the same mouse, granted. But I've had it for 2 years and haven't recharged it more than 5 times. From my experience, I really think yours should last much longer and I would suggest you ask your vendor for an RMA.
It might be possible that there's a simply problem with the battery.

Just so you take that into consideration.

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I used to work with a Logitech VX Nano, which was their first mouse that came with a "Nano" receiver, that would eventually become the Unifying adapter. That mouse was powered by two AAA-batteries and lasted, thanks to the laser sensor, for around half a year between battery swaps with similar use that I have now.

I might actually follow your advice and give it a try. The good thing is that I bought it Amazon and in my experience their service concerning defect products is pretty good. :)

EDIT: I only need to find out how I can do that with a product I purchased over 6 month ago..

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@3.7 volts you say?

ive got a shit ton of cell phone batteries from my old phones that would do the trick...

slightly similar idea

i broke my bluetooth speakers charging port so i opened it up and found a 600mah battery. so instead i just ripped the battery out, drilled a hole for the wires and duct taped a battery cradle to the side.

now it holds my lg g3 3000mah battery and lasts a wicked cool non stop 30 hours

but you might need to do some wire cutting stripping and soldering

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As long as you stay within the voltage rating you should be fine. Make sure the battery you get has some kind of protection circuit. If you cant find the connector you could in theory just solder on the one you have from your old battery.

If its an option check the polling rate on the mouse. Turning that down will help a lot, but its probably not adjustable on the MX. My G700s lasted me about 3 days at work with its eneloop 1900mah @ 1000Hz. My g930 is about the same or even a little less (but much lighter).

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I love mouse hacks! I would hug you if I could. I also happen to use an MX Master as my daily driver. I also love the mouse. Battery life and the side buttons are common complaints with the MX.

I would buy a wired version of it in a heartbeat because I leave it plugged in all the time. So I leave it plugged in and it is a wireless mouse. It makes no sense.

Oh well, my hand thanks me for using an ergo model. :\


So you think that circuit is part of the battery and not part of the mouse? I haven't taken it apart yet, since I am still doing some research while I wait for some tools for it ;-)

That's true, but I rather keep the old battery and the internals of the mouse intact, so I can potentially still send it in for RMA if something breaks or stops working.

How is yours doing? Are you getting similar results like me or more like what @ManaNeko got?

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Well I leave mine plugged in. I can vouch for the battery life being horrible. However, I can't give you specific timed benchmarks.


If the battery you linked from Ebay is the same as the one in your mouse, then yes. You can see where the protection circuit is in the picture (on the left). Its pretty typical to do so as you can then use the same battery in multiple applications without having to put the protection circuit somewhere in the PCB of the device you want to make. It also means that since short protection is built into the battery, they can be safely stored without too much worry (unless you're samsung). LiPo in that configuration is inherently dangerous otherwise.

Then dont open it. If after the warranty is up and you want more out of it, then go for it. Honestly its not worth the hassle if you care about the warranty. That battery life isnt terrible. Could be worse.


I just upgraded it by solderig on another battery i had laying around. Both lost some charge through years but now i have twice the original


Just to add, i’ve just done something similar , i used a new 1000mah battery compatible with the Logitech G900 . The original connector is a PIA to find and adapt, so i just solder the battery into the 3 holes in the pcb for + - and temp sensor.

Edit:: With 1000mah i’m at 15 days of heavy use (15 hour a day or so) and the battery is still 2 bars. Lets see how much it last.

Edit2: final measure, 22 days , that is good enough for me, probably you can fit a 1500mah battery, for around 30 full days