Upgrade advice

Hi guys and girls,

I'm pretty new to this site so hi everyone. I'm looking for some upgrade suggestions for my current build.

  • AMD Phenom X4 955 @ 3.8
  • ASrock 870 Extreme3
  • 8 GB DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX memory
  • GTX 760 TF msi
  • CM 550w PSU

Lately I've been having alot of trouble with BF4 which is the game I will be playing most of the time. My CPU load is at 90-100% while playing, while gpu load wont go past 50% (low settings 1080p).

My budget is around 300 euro's (I live in the Netherlands). I am looking to overclock. I've been looking at AMD 6300s/8320/8350 but can't decide. I will also need a new motherboard as mine doesn't support the FX CPUs.

I was thinking of like a 8350 with a 212 evo + some motherboard..

Would love to see some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend a Asus M5a99fx pro for your motherboard. I'm not sure if that motherboard will fit into your budget along with the 8350 and 212 evo, as I have no idea what the prices are like where you live, if you can't afford all three you can knock the 8350 down to a 6350 without loosing too much performance in most games.

any alternative cheap boards? I just have 1 HDD and probably gonna get a SSD within a few months


+1.  An 8320 with a Asus M599FX pro(or evo) would be a great upgrade.  A Hyper 212 Plus/EVO will cool it just fine, and allow you to overclock a bit.

Boards that are cheaper might experience really hot or fried VRMs, and eliminate your chances of overclocking.

good point I will most likely be overclocking so I will invest in a good board.

I'd personally get an SSD. Screw BF4

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/25LOq am3+ with digital 8+2 power phase. 

I was also considering a i5 4670k but will I need a new haswell certified power supply for that?

i made this upgrade list. you could also choose to go for a FX8350 if you like. it all fits in the €300 budget. i choosed for a 970 chipset board because you only have one GPU. so you would be fine with this Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 board. Unless you ever plan to go on sli, then you need a 990FX chipsetboard. On this case you can pickup Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 board.


you dont realy need a  hasswell ready psu if you disable C6 and C7 powerstates in the bios.

grtz Angel ☺

Im really considering going for a 4670k + motherboard for 300 euros, keep the stock fan on till I can afford a better cooler. Any thoughts/suggestions I will overclock once I get a decent cooler.

If you can afford it, go for it.  I love my 3570K, and it works just fine without overclocking or turbo boost.  I like the better single threaded performance.

well thats offcourse also an option, but you will need a decent z87 board then. then you have to stretch your budget. ☺



Best i could find ☺


any suggestions? I was looking at the MSI Z87-G45 / ASUS z87-plus

lol yeah i was editing my post ☺

ok I'm back to being confused again after checking this review/bf4 benchmark: http://www.hardwarepal.com/battlefield-4-benchmark-mp-cpu-gpu-w7-vs-w8-1/

the AMD FX 6300 seems to be performing better then the 8350 and almost on par with the 4670k. Also windows 8.1 making a huge difference..

Thats a bullshit review then, the FX8350 is better then the FX6300 in every category. it also beats the i5 in some games, and performs close to the i7. ☺

FX6300 is not a bad cpu, for now days gaming, but if you want something more future proof,  games gonne be more and more thread demending, then go with the FX8350 ☺

oh, ok well I'm probably going for the i5 4670k or the 8350 got a week to decide thanks for all the help either way.

yes thats something to decide indeed, both ways are good to go ☺

8320 is the same chip as the 8350, there is no binning process, hwbot shows it's all the silicon lottery. So if you choose amd go with the 8320.