Updating Motherboard BIOS= Better OC?

I am scared about updating my motherboard of it bricking and other stuff. Managed to get a 4.5ghz.... OC on the FX6300 with slight instability which is negligible it only bsod when i play crysis games and opening up the Speedfan and hope for the best it doesn't freeze my rig. IS IT EVEN WORTH IT!?!? 

ps. im flat broke managed to get this pc while i was working at fking maccas and able to get a interview at a chain retail store so yeah i have a bad feeling about not getting the job since i got fired for maccas since i didnt really give a crap and intentionally got fired by breaking some stuff and being slow :3

Maybe ,what's your motherboard ? You have to see which changes were made in the new bios update 

Updating your bios wont brick your motherboard, if you know what you are doing. Its not really a hard thing to do anyway.

A bios update could either make your system more unstable or it could make it more stable. Depends what has changed.

If your pc is unstable, then you need to either downclock it or optimize your settings better. It will perform better when its stable as appose to unstable.

You cant have a completely unstable overclock and hope an update will make it stable, because chances are it wont.

I would suggest resetting your motherboard, updating the bios, and overclocking it to a stable 4.3ghz. If you cant get it stable then try 4.1ghz.

ehh the overclock is stable. When I  Speedfan will mostly freeze my rig expect when its at stock frequencies. Crysis is like I hardly ever play and rarely bsods my computer. everything else is fine actually with any other game. The instability of my overclocks is hardly ever there and able to get my target oc with this cpu ehh ill keep it just gotta gamble with Speedfan and hope for the best that it wont freeze. check my profile i may be pushing a bit.

M5A99X EVO R 2.0 i kinda went overkill on the motherboard.

Speedfan might actually be the issue. Try using this http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html


i already use it. i only use speedfan to set my fans to 100% dont ask me why. is there any other programs like speedfan where you can control the fans and not going to get a fan controller.

I've updated the bios on my mother board about 4 times. The only annoying thing is it resets all of the settings so you have to set them again.

yeah not going to update it then i dont want to copy the settings that i have for my oc.

you can safe your current overclock profile in the bios of your Asus board,

Then you can update the bios, and load the overclock profile again. I would allways recommend to update the bios, because some Asus bios versions, claim to improve system stability.

You got the same bios as i do. I dont know how you overclocked your FX6300, But wenn its not fully stable, you probably did not set the cpu LLC, and Nbridge LLC right, or you just did not bumped up the voltage enough.

You could also try overclocking, due Bus ration, instead of multiplier, i had more luck with this method on my M5A97 EVO R2.0.

Doesn't your motherboard come with Fan Xpert?

I tried the Bus method and it was a no go for me. I could give you my settings for my overclocks if you want and try them out I pretty much just poked around with the BIOS and test it with Prime95. I think there is hardly any thermal paste (Noctua NT-H1 whatever, it HAS NO CURE TIME WHICH I LIKE) left 0.0 I don't know where it is or my parents accidentally chucked it out since there was a slight increase in temps.

Which psu do you have? Its not in your settings and have you configured Speedfan ? There is allot of reasons a system can be instable my fx 6300 go easily to 4.5 on a motherboard older than yours (M5A78L-M USB3) and a not sow good cooler (arctic freezer 13),can you post your bios version ?

You can "poke" around all you want , but just do it with your head on your shoulders since you are flat broke you may want your system to last a while ,that is a good cpu if you treat it well ,and ALWAYS update your bios before overclocking ,and if you are afraid of even updating it ,im not sure if you should poke around ,but it´s your money and your time ,my advice ,start over put default settings and just go step by step and find whats wrong , with the new uefi bios i think speedfan may need poking around to .

Corsair CX500 you can check my profile for my full System Specs

Here follow JJs guide you should watch it all but if you just want the update UEFI skip to 17:30



Yeah I just kinda figured out I do not need the BIOS update. My motherboard version is 1908 somehow haven't really cared about updating but Thank you so much guys.

In general, if your computer is running fine, don't do a bios update.

Curiosity is a bitch sometimes.

Is it not 1903 ??and it already came out 5 updates after, that improve usb compatibility and system stability but you say its ok without it , its your computer my friend i just want to help happy overclocking .

yeah its 1903. thank you