[Updated] Ryzen 4000 APUs announced - OEM/SI only [consumer on 8/8?]. :-(

Per the title… Anandtech article here.

This article states the consumer 4000 series APUs are coming on 8/8.

Ryzen 7 4750G will have 8 cores/16 threads, Ryzen 5 4650G will have 6 cores/12 threads, and Ryzen 3 4350G will have 4 cores/8 threads.

Very disappointing for me personally… had a couple of systems I wanted these for…

There is a ray of hope from AMD, but no concrete timing information.
Maybe they’ll jump straight tp Zen 3?

From the article:


Will we ever get Ryzen 4000 APUs for Desktop?

AMD says that they are planning a consumer-grade release of APUs ‘soon’. It was stated in our briefing call that there will be a launch of a future Zen2 APU for the consumer market compatible with 500-series motherboards. The company specifically did not say 400-series, but did clarify that the 4000G series announced today was for 400 and 500 series.

When exactly this launch will come, and what it will be, and what price ranges AMD will be aiming for is unclear. As mentioned, we were discussing Zen 2 based Renoir desktop APUs with vendors back in January, and at this point it certainly feels late to the game. Could AMD be hiding something up its sleeve? A PCIe 4.0 version perhaps (would this require new silicon?) or maybe something up at the 105 W TDP performance level? It really is unclear.

damn… they look good

I have a prebuilt 2400G from HP and that motherfucker is perfect

except for fedora, audio gets fucky

I have a 2400G passively cooled HTPC and I am very happy with it.

I am looking forward to the next gen 8 core APUs to provide a replacement to my kid’s z97 rig - the gaming horsepower will be fine for what they get up to.

To be honest, I would be happy to have a graphics chiplet or two on a TR and do away with a hulking noisy 2 slot 16 lane behemoth

Very interesting, especially the 4700G - it looks to be on par or better than the 3700X in every aspect, PLUS it has integrated graphics that is a slight improvement over the 3400G. 19% GPU improvement is slightly disappointing, but o.k.

I see two good use cases for this - A budget-conscious gamer can build in two phases, holding off on a discrete graphics card for now and wait until later. And of course, for a SFF home server this will be great, too, not to mention a developer machine where a discrete GPU isn’t important. :slight_smile:

The OEM-for-now is a bummer though, but it’s awesome if (more like, when) it can trickle down to builders.

I also like how they basically transformed the Ryzen 3400G, 3200G and 3000G to Athlon Silver and Gold. 1080p SFF killer machines in 2 liter enclosures and costing below $400? YES PLZ! :slight_smile:

Yep. they look awesome.

I currently have a 35W Athlon 200GE in a homebuilt NAS system, and I was looking to upgrade that, and put a 4000 series APU in a new machine I’m building.

The article does offer a ray of hope on eventual consumer availability. I updated my original post to reflect that…

Ok so according to the linked news article, the consumer versions will be 4350G, 4650G and 4750G, and will cost around $150, $200 and $350 respectively? (article in Japanese so google translate and all that…)

Not that bad price points, to be sure. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to see but really nothing for anyone looking for substantially better iGPU performance. It ties together way more processor than it needs for the iGPU. I guess the target audience probably isn’t gaming or HTPC’s. I’ll be interested when Navi comes around.

People keep assuming a jump going to happen with every generation. I wouldn’t bet money one way or the other.

Yes, they look good. Hopefully they’re available at retail “very soon”.

Steve at GamersNexus put this in the detail below his YouTube video on the 4000 series APUs…

AMD noted that this initial launch is OEM only, but heavily emphasized that it intends to launch a DIY PC part for use in 500- and 400-series motherboards.

Strangely, there’s a “review” of the Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G linked/referenced here.

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