Update on my G910 Situation, Ugh

So, for those of you who’ve posted in my G910 failure thread; you already know what went down.

I now have a Spare G910. Logitech responded EXTREMELY late to me. Long story short my original broken 910 was out of warranty. They asked me for proof of purchase regardless. They took so long to contact me that I just bought another G910 and said screw it. I show them the receipt of the one I bought about a couple of weeks ago. Then they send me a brand new one.

Should I keep the one as a spare? Or should I get my money back and just use the one they sent me?

I would probably get my money back. No need for 2 full size keyboards imo. Logitech’s support is either lightning fast or really slow. No middle ground. They are pretty good getting replacements out to you though.

I had a G910 at one point, but went back to cherry-type switches because Romer-Gs were too mushy for my taste.

Could also sell one of them to the community.

We wouldn’t allow it as this would likely be considered fraud so it’s stolen goods.

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How so if he sells the one he brought at the store?

He used the receipt for another device to commit fraud against the company. Then wants to sell one of them for profit. Which one doesn’t matter at this point.

With replacement at hand, do you plan to take the broken one to bits and see if the culprit can be fixed?

That’s out of the equation here, I just don’t know how much use i’d get out of the second one. I always did want a Mini-ITX system. Having two of the same matching keyboards would be nice.


At what point did I admit and say I committed fraud? Holy fucking jumping to crazy-ass conclusions. I was disappointed with the new packaging and explained to them that I could no longer wait for their support so I purchased one during that period. I showed them my loyalty by showing them the receipt of the one I had just purchased. And explained that the ORIGINAL production run felt far more premium, additional wrist rest and all.

I didn’t say that was my original receipt. I made that very clear, when communicating with them AND on here on the forums. Doesn’t take a genius to see the purchase date of 2018 for my 2015-bought keyboard. Smfh…